Let’s be honest, Christmas is an anxiety-inducing time of year.

Whether we need to or not, most of us will admit to feeling less than satisfied with our current physique.

Couple that with endless magazine covers showing off perfect abs, health warnings on television about diabetes and heart disease, scare-mongering social media posts about the long term effects of most foods on our bodies, and we become paranoid about what we put in our mouths.

Contrast that with our social circles – Our closest friends and family members encourage us to drink more than is good for us, eat the richest foods and skip the gym in favour of shopping, or the pub or a movie night.

At Christmas, our social lives are turbocharged.

There is a unanimous agreement that we will all take our eye off our fitness apps, and gorge as much as we can (because it’d be rude not too!) whilst only moving to change the channel from Scrooge to the Eastenders Christmas special.

In January, the competitiveness begins to see who can move the number on the scales down the fastest or visit the gym most frequently.

Gyms all over the country are packed with the good intentions of prodigals that have returned after another year’s relapse.

Yet as much as we try to fight it, social life is primarily built around going for meals out, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and meeting for coffee and cake.

Those of us in the calorie-counting camp are left with headaches as we skip lunches and attempt to work out how much damage we have inflicted on our permitted daily total. Inevitably saturated with large amounts of butter, cream and full-fat mayo, eateries tend not to do half measures.

Simply put, this means we have a choice: abandon our social life or reject our dreams of the perfect body.

It needn’t be this way.

It is slowly dawning on the foodie world that most of us enjoy balance in our lives and therefore want to fit into those jeans AND have a curry.

Mother and daughter team Nicola and Charlotte are on the case, having opened their new healthy eating establishment 109 Allerton in December.

This restaurant, far from being a “rough around the edges” affair, provides a quality dining experience to its guests that doesn’t compromise their diets:

“I am a health fanatic and have always had a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and after travelling to Seattle to complete my University degree, I was amazed to see how successful healthy cafes, restaurants and juice bars were and wondered how and when the UK would catch up,”

explains Charlotte.

Nicola and Charlotte empathise with how difficult it can be to make healthy choices when you are juggling work and family life, and wanted to create a welcoming atmosphere for families with children, incorporating a menu that makes use of locally procured ingredients.

With a wide selection of nutritious breakfasts available, enviable superfood bowls for lunch, and tea-time offerings to suit any palette or appetite-size, this has got to be a great boost to Liverpool’s health foodie revolution.

So if you are struggling to shift those post-Christmas pounds in the new year, and fifteen of your friends have birthdays in January (doesn’t everyone’s?), then why not give 109 Allerton a try?


109 Allerton
109 Allerton Road
L18 2DD


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Facebook: www.facebook.com/109Allerton/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/109Allerton

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