So its a common topic , customer service bad, good ?? what do we talk about the most ?? Well bad customer service is my pet hate and the reason for this post today … ooh i have to say I’m not a happy bunny. You buy an item on line , you pay a stupid amount to guarantee next day delivery then… the item doesn’t turn up because the courier couldn’t find you address?? or could he just not be bothered as it was 9am on a Sunday morning?? being the nice lady i am i give them the benefit of the doubt because its Sunday i can wait a day – Monday is fine, until Monday comes and the parcel does not ! I call the retailer ( after 15 mins on line looking for a number ) and am told they will update the address details and all will be ok, phew its fine cinderella will go to the pool party. OH NO SHE WONT ! its Tuesday afternoon and i STILL do not have said parcel…. retailer is no help , in fact the customer service agent was verging on rude, the courier company .. well if you can fine a contact number for these guys anywhere i will send you free copy of the new magazine first class !!

So it got me thinking as i didn’t have my item to try on, do we as a nation rant a lot to people when we get bad service, tell the world and his wife about it ? yes we do – but what about when we get really good service ?? i would like to hear from you about any really good service you have had in our great city as i would like to celebrate it right here , thanks xx

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