Hello and welcome to our brand new site Local Living Liverpool – thank you for visiting us. The site is the first launch for us and we will be following up with the magazine – yes your very own new magazine for Liverpool !! we are excited are you ??
This business / concept has come from a passion for all things local, and of course beautiful magazines. I have had the privilege of working for some of the biggest magazines in the industry and now i think its high time i put my experience to use for me and my home town. We really want this to be a community magazine so if you have anything you feel you want to shout about please get in touch with us and let us know.
We want to celebrate local talent, local charities, local businesses and local hero’s – this is your platform to shout from.
The magazine will be monthly and you will be able to pick it up around this beautiful city. if you want to have the mag for pick up in your business for your customers let us know we will be happy to add you on to the delivery schedule if we can.
We will be releasing details of up and coming features here and on our twitter page so please get following.

Until the next time – Keep it Liverpool !

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