When it comes to building your brand or business and standing out in your market place, so many businesses only focus on the big picture and on the national coverage. While this is important, it isn’t everything. In fact, most business owners are ignoring one of the most important types of coverage that there is; local coverage. It is important to never miss the opportunity to speak with local journalists and customers to take advantage of local media coverage, and here are some of the main reasons why.


  1. Local TV producers / journalists and media owners are actually very well connected. There is a really big misconception about the role that local news producers tend to play in today’s fast-paced media world. Chances are these individuals are actually some of the best contacts you can make. You never know when that great relationship you built with a local producer or contact can end up being a great relationship with an established news contact.
  2. Local media experience can help you build on your experience and set the pace for your business. You can test the water to see how it feels having your name out there or promoting a product, making sure you can handle the responses and deliver what you have promised. Good will in your local area will go a long way !
  3. You can gain credibility for free. Getting coverage from your local news outlet can start helping you gain credibility in your industry, even if it is only in your local market. The best part? You can gain that credibility for a fraction of the cost !! Local Media will be much cheaper and more flexible for you to get into. Supporting a local business is good too `!!
  4. You can target dedicated audiences…Enthusiasts are always the most dedicated consumers and the best to market to. Besides people who are passionate about certain hobbies, most people are incredibly proud and passionate about where they live. Since most humans have an incredible need to be part of a community, local magazines serve as an important hub where locals learn about their surroundings and events they might like to get involved in. In other words, as a local business, you will get your ad in front of a passionate crowd that is already interested in who you are and what you have to offer.
  5. Brand Recognition
    When you advertise in a reputable local magazine, people instantly become familiar with your company. This recognition is then reinforced when they meet you in person, either at your place of business or at a local trade show or charity event. This not only builds brand recognition but, in time, brand loyalty.

So it is great to support Local media – in turn they will support you too !

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